Sample Shop – Outstanding Auto Repair in Anytown, TX

“Hands down – Customer for life
If you’re in the Annapolis area searching for a car mechanic, look no further. Dave and his team at Accurate Auto exemplify what it means to deliver top notch workmanship, stellar customer service, and reasonable prices. Dave’s team provides a clear explanation of what vehicle maintenance/repair is required, what options are available to the customer, and an estimate on what cost to expect. My wife and I are extremely appreciative of Dave and his team and know after your first Accurate Auto experience you’ll also be a customer for life!“

Review by Sal C. form Edgewater, MD / YELP Reviews
“I have spent a good bit of time looking for that shop that tells you straight. Not everything has to be fixed immediately as dealers want the general public to believe. It is a real stress off of my mind to be able to set an appointment, drop off my vehicle and know that when I receive an estimate from them that it has been done In the way I want my car fixed.. they tell you that this is absolutely need, this can wait or just keep an eye on it. this is how mechanical repair should be done. mechanical repairs can by all means come at the wrong time and as with any vehicle have unforseen expenses attached. to know you are getting the truth with a quality repair is the best money I have ever saved.“
Review by Glenn P. from Pasadena, MD / YELP Reviews
“My car had been making a rattling noise for over a year, and I knew I needed a new catalytic converter heat shield. Another shop quoted me $311 to replace it. Accurate Auto said all they really need to do is put a clamp on it to stop the rattling. It cost me $75. Haven’t heard the rattling since.
Then I needed new brakes. Another shop quoted me $730. Accurate Auto repaired my existing caliper instead of replacing it, which saved me a ton of money. New front brake pads, rotors and a repaired caliper for $400.
I am really impressed with their customer service. If you think about it, it makes sense. Charge fair prices and your customers will keep coming back.“

Review by Sarah M. from Dover, DE / YELP Reviews
“Accurate Automotive is a family run business and it is reflected in the quality of the service and the personal attention they give their customers. This was my first visit to Accurate and they will be my #1 choice for service from now on. The original work on my truck was completed within the estimated price. They also found the source of an ongoing problem with the brakes and fixed that as well. The only problem is that you have to make an appointment two weeks in advance. It’s great to find a repair shop you can trust.
Five stars“

Review by Ivon P. from Annapolis, MD / YELP Reviews
“Highly recommend – fair prices and great customer service. You can trust that they’ll fix what is needed and nothing more.“
Review by Ethan S. from Annapolis, MD / YELP Reviews
“We heard great things about them and they did not disappoint. I took my Toyota there to get a headlight replaced, and we were out in 30 minutes. The price was very reasonable, and they had plenty of lollipops and toys in the waiting room to keep my toddler busy. I am really thrilled and we will be back.“
Review by Lynne C. from Annapolis, MD / YELP Reviews
“I have been having brake problems with my 2004 Infiniti FX 35 for the past two years, and spend too much money going to other repair shows. After going to Accurate my vehicle is riding like it’s brand new.
Accurate repaired my vehicle at a price the was fair and reasonable for the amount of work which needed to be done. I would definitely be taking my vehicle to them for all it’s maintain needs. So pleased to have found a trustworthy and dependable auto repair show in the area.“

Review by Michael O. from Bowie, MD / YELP Reviews
“This is an amazing business. They actually do a great job servicing your vehicle, and the more important aspect is that they are genuinely concerned about their customers and treat them extraordinarily well with courtesy, friendliness and helpful information about the various technical issues they identified to help you decide what should be or can be done to repair those things. No more dealership service centers for our family, just Accurate!“
Review by G J L. from Annapolis, MD / YELP Reviews
“Accurate Auto consistently provides great customer service. On my most recent visit, they caught a broken bulb and changed it for me so that I would not get a ticket. They also assisted me with getting sunscreen out of my leather seats; and proceeded to clean and condition the entire seat despite the hot sun. All of this had nothing to do with the service that I originally went in for and was above and beyond my expectations. I’ve already sent another vehicle in the family to them and plan to send a third.“
Review by M M. from Annapolis, MD / YELP Reviews
“If you have a chance, call Accurate! Just get a quote… I will be shocked if they are more than your original quote. They are honest!!! They do not take advantage of WOMEN! They service all makes! They tougher problem the better. They support the military!!! Ask for the discount!“
Review by kate G. from Annapolis, MD / YELP Reviews
“Every car, every time the work is perfect. I never refer people to service businesses but I have with this business. The Zorn family and all the staff are exemplary professionals. Dave Zorn has talked my “know it all” self out of two major repairs. We are a multi Honda product family. Me, my partner, and now my son’s cars are all exclusively serviced by Accurate. I have never met a group of people with more knowledge and no BS anywhere.“
Review by Jim G. from Bowie, MD / YELP Reviews
“Accurate Auto Services is the absolute BEST place in the entire area to have your car serviced. Dave and his team provide the ultimate in customer service, workmanship at an extremely reasonable price. On my first visit visit they repaired a problem no one could figure out for 5 years. Today they repaired a leak in my power steering system and the total bill was ‘below’ the estimate by quite a bit in less time than anticipated… can’t get better than that!! I’ll be a customer for life!!“
Review by D. T. from Annapolis, MD / YELP Reviews
“If I ever move from the area, I will miss Accurate Auto. I have been taking my Hondas here for over 10 years, and my Mazdas for the last several years. Family run, friendly and reliable place. We have spent a lot of money here over the years, but have no doubt that each of these expenses were warranted and fairly charged. I have recommended several people here and none has been disappointed.
These folks remember their regular customers by name and work with you. They care about guiding your repair and maintenance decisions, and look after your beat interests. Case in point: having learned of a class action suit against Honda for air conditioning system problems in certain vehicles, Dave called me to advise me that I research whether it might be of interest to me…he had either remembered or researched that I had had the relevant vehicle type and repair type in the appropriate time frame- now, THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE. Car repair and maintenance will always be expensive, so do yourself a favor and trust the investments to Accurate Auto!“

Review by Vegetarian Diner A. from Washington, DC / YELP Reviews
“Great family repair with knowledgeable people. Always have my repairs for my family“
Review by Glenn Pierce / Google Reviews
“Honest and efficient. They were personable, they were informative, and they did not rush me when I was trying to figure my car situation out. They even went above and beyond when they knew I was in a sticky situation.“
Review by Heather Williams / Google Reviews
“Dave is super friendly and honest! I have been taking my vehicle here for 15+ years and have never been disappointed with their service.“
Review by Keri Tate / Google Reviews
“Great customer service and fair pricing. They take the time to explain whats wrong with your vehicle. I trust these guys and have been taking my cars here for 5 years.“
Review by Michael Owens / Google Reviews
“Honest people who value their customers.“
Review by Michelle Winterson / Google Reviews
“I’ve been going to Accurate for some time now and I have to say that every single time my expectations have been completely exceeded. The level of service and detail is paramount compared to other shops (including the nearby Acura dealer). David and company treat their customers as family and always seem to go above and beyond when the situation doesn’t require it. I’d recommend Accurate to anyone looking for friendly and trusted shop for most import cars, specifically Acuras and Hondas.“
Review by Vero Tabares / Google Reviews
“Fair and honest, with quality work. I’ve had them work on my Toyota 4Runner and Honda Civic and I won’t take my vehicles anywhere else.“
Review by Matt Matt / Google Reviews